About PUSH  

Chengdu Push Bio-technology Co., Ltd., a service type high-tech enterprise, is specialized in research and development of separation and purification of natural products, provide customers with high-quality natural products, efficient outsourcing technology services, and solutions of efficient pharmaceutical ingredient separation and purification processes in food, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, daily chemicals, biological pesticides and other production areas.

R & D center  

We own prefessional R & D center, taken scientific research and technological innovation as the core, engaged in natural medicine monomer comprehensive extraction, separation, purification engineering technology research and provided excellent, low-carbon, environmentally friendly natural drug monomer separation and purification technology for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises. Meanwhile, to the new drug development enterprises, we supply for the active compound monomer continuously as well as services for improving Chinese medicine quality standards.

Our important development process    

2005, The company was founded.
July 2014, Through the "national high-tech enterprises" audit.
Mar 2015, Enterprise restructuring for the "Chengdu Push Biotechnology Co., Ltd."
July 2015, "New three board" successfully listed, become the first "new three board" listed public company in our industry.
Stock short name: Push biological , Stock code: 832791

We provide    

1.TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) compounds library for drug research and development, more than 3000  compounds in stock. Many of them are our unique products.
2.Provide reference substances and manufacturing service for high purity active ingredients of Chinese herbs.
3.Custom-R&D and manufacturing service for reference substances of Chinese herbs.
4.Process development and large-scale production of separation and purification for high purity natural pharmaceutical ingredients.
5.Chemical substances separation, purification, impurities isolation and identification service.


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